Solar Wind Street Light



This lighting system is wind power and solar power mutual complement product. It overcomes the shortcomings of wind light and solar light, and complements their advantages. When in windy days and there is no sunlight, it generates electricity by wind power. When there is windless in sunny days, it generates electricity by solar power. It will work better if there are both wind and sunlight.
1. Solar panel: monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon.
2. Battery: maintenance-free gel battery or lithium battery.
3. Special microcomputer control system for solar wind power street light: intelligent charging control & battery protection (overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, reverse-connection protection), optical control, time control and temperature compensation functions.
4. Light source: optional for LED, LVD and LPS lamps.
5. Operating temperature: -20 to 50.
6. Lamp pole: hot-dip galvanized steel spray.
7. Pole height: 10 meter.
8. Wind resistance: over 32.6m/s.
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